child_m.gif (3208 bytes)welve Houses of the Argani

When Caledor led the surviving Argani from the ruins of Avallan, eleven other great Lords went with him. Each of these lords, including Caledor, led over 1,000 men. These twelve groups were known as the Twelve Houses, and their divisions still exist today. The houses still continue their traditional craft and wear the same colours as their forefathers. Every Argani is born into a house, and the House is both their family and their social group. The majority of the houses live in certain sections of Emynost, though other houses call various parts of Edhelnore their home. Most members of a House are trained in one of its traditional fields, though an Argani is also free to join another House if he desires to learn a different trade. It is up to the Lord or Lady to decide if they will accept a new member.

Upon marriage, the couple can choose which house they want to be apart of, either the male or the female’s. All children from such a union will then be apart of that house. The kinship still exists however, and the former house does not withdraw its ties nor its aid. As such, most Argani today have roots in some if not most of the Houses.

THE KALLARI- The Kallari are also known as the Bright Elves, and are the noblest of the houses. Both Caledor and Melwen hail from this house, and they are considered the Royal Household. Most of the Bright Elves are skilled gem-smiths, and cut exquisite jewels and make magnificent jewelry.

Residences: Ruby Tower and Ebony Heights, Emynost. Other Cities.

Vocations: Gem-cutter, Jewel-smith

Colours: White and Yellow

Leader: Queen Melwen

Other Famous Kin: Prospero, Lexus. Also, Auberon and Titta, by honourary membership.

Additional Skills: Gemcutting 2

                                   Jewelsmith 2


THE MALLI- Also known as the Gold Elves. The Malli are an ancient house, joined in the First Age to the Kallari, by marriage. As such, they enjoy the Queen’s confidence, and often act as advisors. The Malli are the gold-smiths, producing fine works of art, and working in league with the Kallari to make jewelry.

Residences: Gold-Peak and Ochre-Hall, Emynost. Other Cities.

Vocations: Gold-Smith

Colours: Yellow and Gold

Leader: Lord Silaru

Additional Skills: Goldsmith 3

                                    Appraisal 1


THE KELIR- Also known as the Silver Elves. The Kelir are traditionally the rivals of House Malli, though now the two Houses have a great friendship. They work with silver, both in jewelry and on weapons and armour. Mithril is also a speciality of theirs, though it is rare for them to acquire any.

Residences: Star-View and The Chambers of the Moon. Other Cities.

Vocations: Silver-Smith

Colours: Silver and grey

Leader: Lady Celebir

Other Famous Kin: The late General Celebir

Additional Skills: Silversmith 3

                                Appraisal 1


 THE LASSINAR- Also known as the Jade Elves. The Lassinar are a small house, though no less respected. It was they who discovered the secret for producing Lasalang, the green steel used to make Elven armour. They will not share this secret, but often work with House Ondorri to make armour.

Residences: Jade-Spire

Vocations: Armourer, Weaponsmith

Colours: Metallic green and gold

Leader: Lady Lothiel

Other Famous Kin: Miquala, Stool

Additional Skills: Armourer 1

                            Weaponsmith 1

                            Appraisal 1


THE LUMIAR- Also known as the Opal Elves. The Lumiar are a master of working Eog, and produce some of the hardest tools and armour known. They are a very rich house, though they work hard. Spending most of their days mining and working at forges. They are more solemn than most elves.

Residences: Caras Lumi, Ered Engrin

Vocations: Eog-Smith, Miner

Colours: Black and Red

Leader: Lord Morwe

Additional Skills: Smithing 2

                                   Mining 2


THE ALLANDI- Also known as the Sapphire Elves. The Allandi, like the Lumiar, are rich, and specialize in Laen. Laen is exceedingly rare, found only in volcanoes, and as such most Allandi spend their time doing something else, such as mining for the Lumiar. A small vein of Laen exists in the Ered Engrin but it is slowly running dry. Interestingly, Lord Morwe’s son, Morinu, has agreed to marry Lady Eredia, thus eventually combining the wealth of both Houses and possibly making them one of the most important.

Residences: Imladol, the Hidden Vale, near Mt. Lilaen

Vocations: Laen-Smith, Miner

Colours: Blue and Silver

Leader: Lady Eredia

Additional Skills: Smithing 2

                                Mining 2


THE ONDORRI- Also known as the Stone Elves. The Ondorri are expert armourers, and make the fines haulberks and cuirasses in Edhelnore. They often work with other Houses to make flambouyant armour.

Residences: The Keep and The Hall of Hammers, Emynost.

Vocations: Armourer

Colours: Brown and grey

Leader: Lord Gondring

Additional Skills: Armourer 3


THE NARRIAR- Also known as the Fire Elves. The Nairriar are the finest weapon-smiths in the kingdom, and forge the greatest swords. It was they who taught the Great Durin in the Second Age to create the Death Queen’s Bane. They are one of the highest of the houses, and extremely influential.

Residences: The Forge and the Chamber of Fire, Emynost. Any military fort.

Vocations: Weaponsmith

Colours: Orange and red

Leader: Lord Macilir

Other Famous Kin: Mallis

Additional Skills: Weapon-Smith 3



THE NELDAR- Also known as the Birch Elves. The Birch Elves are looked down upon by the other Elves, as their blood has been diluted for centuries with Sylvani blood. Although they consider themselves Argani and are skilled with forges they nevertheless prefer to work with wood. They also produce the finest bows and arrows (and archers). They are a large House, though not influential.

Residences: Vinyaro, Belestar. Other Belestari towns. Caras Aldari

Vocations: Woodcraft, fletching, bow-making.

Colours: Brown and green

Leader: Lady Rowenna

Other Famous Kin: Loria of the Chosen Men.

Additional Skills: Woodcraft 2

                                Fletching 3

THE AREALI- Also known as the Sun Elves. The Areali are the most musical and gifted of the Argani. Most of them are bards are poets, or write songs. Others are playwrights. Very few of them ever forge or create with their hands, preferring to use their minds. Areali are the most well-travelled of the Argani, occasionally venturing beyond the borders to learn new tales or make new songs.

Residences: Caras Galenlas and the Taur Lindor.

Vocations: Poet, Songmaker, Bard, Playwright.

Colours: Yellow and blue

Leader: Lord Lindelor

Other Famous Kin: Olwe of the Chosen Men.

Additional Skills: Poetic Improv. 2

                                Singing 2

                                Play Instrument 2


THE VINORI- Also known as the Wind Elves. The Vinori love the sea, almost as much as the Grey Elves of the Far West. Traditionally they have been shipwrights, and a lot of them still are. However, many have taken simply to sailing or fishing. The most experienced are often used to transport those Elves who wish to depart the world to Feanore. They are a proud group who seldom mix with other Argani.

Residences: Shara, Sirando, Isilond.

Vocations: Shipwright, Sailor, fisherman

Colours: Grey and blue.

Leader: Lord Ciryando

Additional Skills: Shipwright 2

                                Sailing 2

                                 Swimming 2


THE PARMINI- Also known as the Marble Elves. The Parmini are the scholars of the Elvenland, and mainly function as bookbinders and scribes. Many travel from city to city gathering what news they can and writing it down. The braver ones often venture beyond the borders. The Parmini are less jovial than some of the houses and take their work very seriously. Often they are seen hanging around the Cor Noli trying to get information for their latest book. The Parmini generally make the best magicians.

Residences: Caras Sirim, Tol Nole. The Hall of Scribes, Emynost.

Vocations: Scholar, bookbinder, magician, scribe.

Colours: White and black.

Leader: Lord Iaurabor

Additional Skills: 1 Language 4

                                Bookbinding 1