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The Dryads have lived on Gaiana since the creation, and are spirits and guardians of the trees. Resembling beautiful maidens with greenish skin, or bark-like flesh, the Dryads stand about 6’ tall. The Aldawende live in the forest of Taur Lindor.

The Dryads have no political or social castes, and no leader. Each takes counsel with herself, and they rarely leave their own tree. Once, when the Wood Elves lived in the forest, they would emerge every night to listen to the beautiful singing. They still visit the Argani at times, yet their visits are becoming less frequent. Occasionally, the Dryads will gather in a grove, and sing and dance through the night, filling the gloom with their beautiful music which can be heard all around. Should an Elf stumble upon them uninvited, however, they will quickly retreat to their trees.

There are tales at the Argani court of Male-Elves being taken as lovers by an Aldawen- these are more frequent than one would expect, yet the male is rarely seen again after such a union- the Nymph will take him back to her tree to be her lover forever. Despite this, the Dryads are passive folk, who will only attack if the trees or themselves are threatened. They have a love for revelry and a joy of life.

The Dryads are born with the first sprout to emerge from a seed, and their fate is entwined with their tree. They are immortal, like the Elves, yet if they are slain their spirit will return to their tree and regrow. Only the felling of the tree can kill a Dryad permanently. What happens to the tree happens to the Aldawen, and she feels pain when the train feels pain. Should the tree be diseased, so will she, and during the autumn the Dryad grows weak and often sleeps.




ST: -10

CO: 5

QU: 10

AG: 15

PR: 15

SD: -15

IN: 10

ME: 0

EM: 10

RE: 0

LU: 10

APP: 5



Flora Law 5

Region Lore: Forest 5

Fey Lore 4

Nature Awareness 3

Singing 2

Dancing 3

Stalk/Hide 5

Seduction 2

Athletics 1

Acrobatics 1

Language: Elvish 5

Language: Tree 7

Background Pts. 40

Special- All get 15% of original DP's to spend, in addition to the above.

Special: For every week that a Dryad is away from her tree, she will get a cumulative –5 to activity, representing sickness.

Can Tree-Walk (teleport from one tree to another

Can Talk to trees. Flesh can turn to ‘bark’ at will, giving a natural AT of 4.