child_t.gif (3413 bytes)lrique Menza

Alrique is Lady Lucinda's current lover, and has been for many years, long before Ronaldo died. Although the lowly son of a soldier, the two of them fell in love during Lucinda's poverty, and have taken Ronaldo's death as a blessing.

Alrique is very much aware of his reputation as a money-grabber, and as such refuses any gifts or wealth from Lucinda. Although living in the El Mar palace, Alrique is eager to join the army, like his father. If he could make it to officer rank, he would join the gentry, and no longer be frowned upon.

A man of exceptional good looks, Alrique is very well educated, and quite the scholar. This intelligence has led to many of his sceptics to call him a magician, and claim he has 'bewitched' Lucinda. Fortunately, the Inquisition have so far ignored the rumours as idle gossip.