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OTHER NAMES: Lady of the Vale

HOME: Was Salasia, now the Vale of Unicorns.

FAMILY: Married to Alf Mep.

BORN: 6th May, 1454

AGE: 22


RACE: Salasian


Strength 69
Quickness 95
Presence 97
Intuition 65
Empathy 71
Constitution 86
Agility 97
Self-Discipline 70
Memory 61
Reasoning 59
Appearance 82



Weapon: Staff 116
Weapon: Short-bow 116
Stalk/ Hide 133
Pick Locks 123
Pick-Pockets 119
Climbing 107
MIA: Soft Leather 107
Scrying 55
Jesting 44
Fletching 46
Mapping 14
Dagger 28
Stone Crafts 73
Awakening 22
Throw 88
Weather-Watching 58
Seduction 68
Second-Aid 64
First-Aid 64
Channeling 59


Animal Mastery (Druid)
Druid’s Peace (Druid)
Lofty Bridge (Essence)
* All Open Channeling
* All Lay Healer lists.

LANGUAGES: Salasian 7, Parzifan 7

PP: 48 HITS: 130

AT: 2 DB: 35

SPECIAL: Destiny Sense (as the Background Option)


Cloak of Diara- Wearer gains +40 to hiding skill. Can cast Illusion twice a day. x2 pp multiplier.

BACKGROUND: Alyssa was born in Salasia, and was one of the only people to leave the idyllic city. She quickly bored of the secluded lifestyle and ventured out into the world to do healing. She would have been stopped, save for her friendship with Princess Emylia Si’Halan, the leader of the Seri-Lin, who overlooked her departure.

Once she reached Rhutalath, she quickly made herself useful, offering her healing services to all those who required them, mostly for free. She even gained an apprenticeship with a healer woman named Ira. However, her secluded life had made her unaware of the Rhutalathian’s fear of magic, and pretty soon her magical arts were noticed. The Inquisition tracked her down and chased her through the streets of Ost-Firir, though she finally managed to escape by hiding in a hay-cart.

Fearful, and bewildered at the violence of the Inquisitors, she returned back to Ira’s House in Nyelle-Vista, beseeching the old woman to help her. The old woman promised she would, yet betrayed her. One night, whilst Alyssa was sleeping, the Inquisition came for her, having been alerted by the witch-hating Ira.

Alyssa was shipped off to Tol Goroth, where she was imprisoned for three months, frequently being questioned and forced to repent. She grew sullen, convinced that everyone outside Salasia was cold, fearful and full of hate. This changed, however, when new prisoners arrived, amongst them, Alf Mep. She quickly saw something in Mep she had missed- a love for life and an almost naive and simplistic approach to happiness.

Alyssa, freed by Mep’s friend Elestan, travelled with the group for a while, slowly falling in love with the shepherd. When the Quest was over, she travelled to the Vale of Unicorns, where she married him. She now rules as Lady of the Forest, though she often leaves to do good in the world.