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Amelis is the Crown-Lady of Amor, and leader of Amori, the most active Elven group in Ilmanor. Proud and beautiful, Amelis laments the death of her mortal love, King Massius, and the slow decline of his kingdom. Upon his death, Amelis promised to keep the kingdom strong and intact. Whilst no one could have foreseen the Scourge, she still feel grief and guilt at the destruction of Alqador. Her city is a haven to all those Ilmani who require her help, and a constant stop-over for many of the Sky-Rangers. Determined to renew the Alliance, many of the Elves of Amor have even married Skyrangers. Although still a secret from most of the Blessed, rumours are beginning to circulate of a 'radiant and magical queen in the north' who is helping the Ilman find their way.