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The Priestesses of Amora arrived in Rhutalath shortly after its founding. They are a branch of Melina's Bringers, the priestesses of old Alqadorand current Ilmanor. They migrated to Rhutalath to worship the spirit of the forest, Amora, which they believed was once a powerful servant of Melina. With the founding of Khanusan, worship of the Old Gods became a sin, and the Amora were ousted from their long-time home of Melis, and forced to take refuge in Castle Melar. Here they founded a peaceful and idealic village, protected from the Inquisition by Amora herself, and founded on the principals of Alqador. They cause little trouble, merely wishing to worship their beloved Amora in peace. For a time, the Inquisition were content to ignore them, but a recent renewal in interest and an influx of worshippers has peaked their interest. Most of the new converts to Amora are not interested in the religion itself, and merely wish to enjoy a life of lust and debauchery, so far denied them by Khanusan. Most of the converts are young, and their interest never lasts long. The current High Priestess, Melanna, is currently limiting new members, and teaching only the off-spring of long-established and pious worshippers.

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