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These are the soldiers trained and used by the Dukes of Ardadain (e.g. Nuledor, Galenor, etc.) They are not as well trained as the Royal Army, but are more numerous. They work for six months, then have a break for six months.. The standard weekly pay per soldier is 9 cp, but this varies according to rank.

NB: For uniforms, see the relevant duchy information.

Primary Weapon 4
Secondary Weapon 4
MIA: Rigid Leather 4
MIA: Chain 4
Body Development 3
Riding (Soldier/ Cavalry) 2/6
Looting 4
Drug Tolerance 2
Brawling 2
Gambling 1
Missile Artillery 3
Hobbies 4

*(Primary Weapon: Cavalry= lance, Pikemen= spear, Archers= longbow, Footsoldiers= Longsword
Secondary Weapon: Cavalry= longsword, Pikemen= Shortsword, Archers= Shortsword, Footsoldiers= Axe)

Must forsake 1 level

Talent Points:
Weapon (+5) 5
Lesser War horse 25
Owed Favour by officer 5
Promotion 7
Loot (1d10 gp) 7
Loot (3d10 gp) 15
Loot (roll on chart) 15
Armour (+5) 5
Shield (+5) 5