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These are the Royal soldiers, kept throughout Ardadain. These are controlled by the king, and are the backbone of Ardadain's military. Barracks and recruiting locations are found in every major city in Ardadain. Each Royal Soldier receives a pension, as well as a widow fund for his wife and children. Additionally, each soldier receives schooling and education. The average pay for a common soldier is  1 sp per week.A Royal Soldier has only a few weeks holiday per year, balancing out the increased pay compared to the Duchy Militia.

Primary Weapon 5
Shortsword 5
Shortbow 4
MIA: Chain 5
Body Development 3
Riding (Soldier/ Cavalry) 4/7
1 combat Skill 2
Weapon Brawling 2
Looting 2
Tactics 2
Missile Artillery 2
Melee Scuffle 2
1 athletic Skill 2
1 academic skill 2
Hobbies 2

*(Primary Weapon: Cavalry= lance, Pikemen= spear, Archers= longbow, Footsoldiers= Longsword
Secondary Weapon: Cavalry= longsword, Pikemen= Shortsword, Archers= Shortsword, Footsoldiers= Axe)

Must forsake 1 level

Talent Points:
Weapon (+5) 0
Lesser War horse 20
Owed Favour by officer 7
Promotion 7
Loot (1d10 gp) 7
Loot (3d10 gp) 15
Loot (roll on chart) 15
Armour (+5) 5
Shield (+5) 5