rgani Elves

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The Argani are High Elves who were once the founders of the great Elven Empire of Avallani. They now occupy Edhelnore and its former territories. A few Argani cities remain in Belestar, still ruled by Queen Melwen in Emynost.


The Belestar cities are still considered to be part of the Edhelnore monarchy, and as such fall under the rule of Queen Melwen. As usual in Elven cities, the cities govern themselves and most are ruled by a lord or lady who holds sovereignty for Melwen. The cities do not usually welcome travellers, and most would-be visitors are deterred by Elven enchantments, and get lost long before they reach the town.


There is no social rank amongst the elves of Belestar. Every one has equal status. Even the ruling lords and ladies are generally treated as a peers. Most Elves care little for work or money, and spend there time singing, dancing, socializing, flirting, etc. Others throw themselves into their crafts, producing weapons and jewels of the finest detail and beauty.


Each city maintains its own small garrisons, and most have a few outlying forts where hunters take resident. Their purpose is mainly to deter visitors and stop any Pachacaca attacks.

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The Belestar elves use the same currency as the Edhelnore Elves.


Like most Elves, the Argani are tall and slight, with pointed ears. They are more muscular and well-formed than most elves, however. Their hair is usually black, although the older generations still have golden hair from their contact with the gods. When out and about, the Argani will wear green or white clothes, often with green or silver armour. Whilst at home, their clothing will be a lot more colourful and bright, and often a lot more flamboyant or revealing.


The Elves live in majestic cities, consisting of tall high spires and silver roofs. Most buildings are carved from white stone, with extravagant architecture consisting of arches and hundreds of statues. As well as the buildings, most Elven cities reach deep underground, where the majority of the population live in artificial caves. Most Elves live well, and have large manors, often with bedrooms, living rooms, studies, etc. They are often ornately decorated, sometimes with artifacts from bygone ages.

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The Argani are self-sufficient, living off the food of the forest. This includes all kinds of meat and vegetables. They also produce their own wines.


The Argani worship all of the Tolton deities, but above all they follow Eleniel, Goddess of the Stars, and mother of the Elves.

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