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The Bane are Daenor's main assassins. Feared throughout the Empire, they are famed for their ability to appear out of thin air. The Bane consist mainly of Dark Elves and Humans, trained from the age of three or four in the arts of concealment and murder. The Bane are stationed at The Spire, a fortress carved from a rocky outcrop in the Taur Gwath. The Spire serves as both the HQ and training camp for these deadly assassins.

The Bane have no ranks, and very little in the way of uniform, though the majority prefer to wear black. Their one leader is a female Drow named Lisana, who has led the group for 200 years. It was Lisana who perfected the Bane's own martial arts, Gar'shana, a fighting skill involving fatal strikes and a dagger kata.

The Bane are trained for 10 years, qualifying as an Assassin at the age of 14 or 15. Their tasks usually involve killing kings, generals and religious leaders, though they have occasionally been sent to steal items of value. Operating from the Spire, the Bane fly to their destinations on Fell Beasts, usually magically enchanted so as to be invisible. Occasionally, a Bane uses a Ni'ara, a rare arm device which enables the assassin to teleport thousands of miles. There are only three of these, stolen from Alqador long ago, and so are only assigned on very important missions.


Weapon 1 5

Weapon 2 4

Weapon 3 3

Soft Leather 3

Stalk/hide 6

Ambush 6

Sniping 6

Silent kill 4

Poison Lore 3

Use/Remove Poison 3

Body dev. 3

MA: Gur'shana 4

Acrobatics 4

Most Bane learn the Nightblade lists; the TP grants one for free.

Must Forsake 3 levels.