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Once an Eglanni reaches the age of 30, they take a Blood Oath, known as the Binding. This oath involves ritual scarring across the chest, and a symbolic binding to Gilgura, the goddess of redemption. The Binding is completed once an initiate had killed his first Orc, and drank of its blood. This is drunk from the Dai'asha (E. Grail of Shadows), a black chalice once belonging to the Bringers.

Once a Binded has killed 10 Orcs, he is assigned to a House by the Bloodlord, Moras. The House Oathlord, and the rest of the House Binded then initiate the new member by another oath, this time with a symbolic binding to the group. This is accompanied by more ritual scarring, wherein each Housemember and the initiate cut their forearms, and bleed into the cup. This blood is then mixed with wine, and drank by the group.

The Houses. are usually named after a great Elven lord, an animal, or a weapon. Examples include 'The House of Caldor,' 'The Daggers of Genila,' and 'The Wolves of Ostia.' Each house is usually assigned an 'Oathground', an area of land they are to patrol for a set amount of days, and reap vengeance on the Scourge. Each group also has its own song and dance, which they perform after a successful hunt, or a celebration. Each month, an award is handed out to the House with the most manes, usually just a little trinket stolen from a merchant; the Houses fight hard to gain the award, and ritual scarring of the back occurs each time an award is won.


Weapon 1 4

Weapon 2 3

Ambush 3

Stalk/Hide 5

Sniping 3

Oath Lore 3

TA: Forest 4

TA: Hills 3

Singing 2

Religion: Gilgura 3

Dancing 2

Foraging 2

Looting 2

Ritual Suicide 2

Must Forsake 2 levels.