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The Bizari are a group of Dwarves who migrated from Dwarron (Orod Eressea) in search of new riches and ores. They were lead by Biza Stonefoot, who established the first mines in the Ered Naru.


The Bizari are lead by King Dwalin, who resides in Twisted Fell. He is the main political power in the Ered Naru. Serving under him are the Council of Seven. In addition, two High Wardens oversee the cities of Narag-Dum and Blackrock. The Council of seven and the Wardens are usually responsible for the day to day running of the cities, but Dwalin has the power to over-rule any decision. In addition to these, each of the smaller mines is ruled over by a Warlord or a Warden.


Like most Dwarves, the Bizari are mainly craftsmen and metalsmiths. Very little is hunted or grown, as most can be imported by trade. There is no social ranking as such. The king and the wardens rule over the Dwarves, but everyone else is considered equal. Wealth is distributed accordingly through out the Kingdom, so there are no ‘poor’ dwarves. Dwarves marry for life, as there are very few females in their society.


Most Dwarves are trained in the use of Handaxes or Warhammers, and are skilled warriors. Despite this, Dwalin only keeps a small standing army, usually to patrol the mountains, as well as to protect the trade convoys who travel to the nearby Mannish towns. If an army was needed, Dwalin could probably muster quite a large battalion.


For the most part, the Bizari find the Ardanian coins to be useful enough for trade. However, should they wish to trade with other Dwarves, or purchase expensive goods, they mint two other coins:


Dwarf coins are axe-head shaped, and have the mottoes 'Zi Nark a Kumza' (The Pride of Kemwe). They are purer than most Mannish coins.


The Bizari average about 4’4 in height, and are very stocky. They have long beards, of many different colours, and ruddy complexions.


The Majority of Bizari live in four chambered mines beneath the mountain, consisting of a living chammber, two bed chambers and a forge. Meals are usually eaten communally in one of the many Great Halls. In Blackrock, amny Dwarves also live in Mannish houses built outside the actual complex. These house are similar in style to those of the Ardanians, but tend to be shorter, and have a forge.


Dwarves generally import everything they need, including meat, dairy products, fish, bread, etc. Additionally, they grow and cultivate their own fungus and plants, as well as fish in the underground lakes and streams.


The Dwarves respect all the Tolton, but above all they worhip Kumza (Kemwe). In addition, each household has its own spirit-deity guardian. Above everything else, the Dwarves revere the spirits of their ancestors.