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The Knights of the Blood were an organization founded by Angabor, following his crowning. Their original purpose was to protect the King of Rhutalath, and guard the Holy Relics of the religion, though as their numbers expanded, so too did their duties. Their first member was Merrius the Apostle, and they worship him as both a Saint and their founder.

The Knights are not a strict organization, and there are no ranks, as such. Every member takes his order from the king alone. In the Knights, all men are equal, and may come and go as they please. Entry is offered only to the greatest warriors and knights in the Kingdom, and chivalry and honour are considered the greatest virtues. No one unholy is permitted into the order. Any knight, from any realm, may pertition to join, and those who fulfill the spiritual and physical requirements will be greatly accepted.

The Knights of the Blood are so called because they bathe in the Blood of Kalnus on initiation, to wash away their sins. The ‘blood’ is actually a river and pool, The Holy spring, which emerges from Kalnus’s tomb on Sha-Mo. The water has a red sheen to it, and is considered to be Kalnus’ blood. The pool is sacred and only the Knights (who are its official defenders), and the priests, are allowed to bathe in it. The water also has healing qualities, and is often carried into battle.

The Knights gather, at the king’s behest, in Chalice Hall, round the Table of Blood. Such meetings are infrequent, as most knights travel the lands doing good, and upholding the ideals of Kalnus and Merrius. When they meet, it is usually to discuss the safety of the kingdom, and its defense. The Knights are zealously loyal to the King, and serve as his retinue in combat, protecting him with their lives. They were a major force in the last Holy War, and are respected throughout Parzifica. Their current leader is Sir Roderigo Vivar, the king’s Champion.



Weapon 1


Weapon 2


2-Weapon Combo


MIA: Plate


MIA: Chain


Body Development


Ride: Horse


Religion: Khanusan


Philosophy: Chivalry








1 Artistic Skill


1 Hobby


TA: Mounted


Talent Points-
+15 Weapon= 0
Greater Warhorse= 5

+10 Shield= 10
+10 Armour= 10
Make weapon 'holy'= 40
Own Land= 5
Own Manor= 20
Own Castille= 35
Rule Village= 35
Rule Town= 50

+5 IN, +5 ST

Some may also possess Paladin Lists

Must Forsake 3 Levels.