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Name: Boedwhin Koenar
Other Names:
Family: Sister to Freya, now deceased.
Home: Grelis, Morcrebainia
Born: 6th June, 1453
Age 23
Level: 9
Race: Morcrebainian
Profession: Creator/Cleric

Strength 37
Quickness 61
Presence 97
Intuition 90
Empathy 93
Constitution 59
Agility 71
Self-Discipline 65
Memory 68
Reasoning 90
Appearance 89



Weapon: Dagger 72
Attunement 82
Perception 64
Runes 72
MIA: Soft Leather 60
Silent Kill 32
Stalk/Hide 82
Demon Lore 47
Alchemy 87
Metal-work 87
Construct Lore 87
Power Manipulation 42
Heraldry 42
Religion: Gurthil 42
Undead Lore 42
Etiquette 52
Appraisal 63
Summoning 22


All Creator Lists
All Open Channeling Lists

LANGUAGES: Morcrebainian 7, Parzifan 7

PP: 74 HITS: 62

AT: 5 DB: 2-

SPECIAL: Quiet Stride (as the Background Option)

Silent as Night (as the Background Option)


Orb of Life x5 PP. + 5 Spell Adder. Grants wielder all Channeling lists, via Gurthil God of the Dead. Wielder can cast spells as if they were twice their level. Orb has its own PP supply of 60 which can be used- they retore every 24 hours. Artifact.

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 Boedwhin's story continues where Freya's leaves off.  Unhappy at the temple, Boedwhin nevertheless trained with the priests, and learnt many of their abilities. Excelling at channeling, she was accepted as an acolyte, and joined the temple officially. However, the news of her sister's death came to her at the temple, as well as her possessions. Devastated, Boedwhin threw herself into her work, and even finished her own 'Construct,' Krink.

    Inevitably, the Orb of Life was discovered by the Priests, and they tried to claim it as a holy treasure. When Boedwhin refused them, they threatened to exile her. knowing that the Orb was the key to her parents' redemption, as well as the reason for Freya's death, Boedwhin snook out of the temple at night, the Orb in hand. No one was going to steal it. She set out to find out how to use the orb, to find somewhere to hide it. Most of all, she sought her sister's killers.

    Boedwhin was not sure where she was headed, she just wondered south, looking for companionship, and somewhere to stay. In the end her journey brought her to Rhutalath. what better place to hide a magical artifact than a land where magic is considered at best evil, and worst non-existant. It was here that she met Steel the Ninja, and Mallis.

Boedwhin accompanied the rest of the Fellowship to slay the Wraiths. During this time a romance developed between her and Steel. This didn't last however, as tragedy struck; whilst assaulting an orc-occupied city, Boedwhin was captured by the Orcs. The Orcs, as a threat, cut off her breast, then her head and threw her off the battlements, dead.

Krink in despair ran off with her body. The Orb of Life magically transferred Boedwhin's soul into the body of Krink So, still alive but trapped in a metal body, she has once again joined the quest.