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A wizened man, with a brown beard, Borath has been seen in Rhutalath for nearly two centuries, and is the subject of many legends. His longevity would usually be blamed on magic, or elven-blood, if it wasn’t for one redeeming feature- Borath is a self-confessed follower of Khanus, and a very good man! Borath is such a shrewd and observant man that he is nick-named Wildhawk in Rhutalath. For generations he has dined in the Palace of the kings, between his many travels, and is often at court advising the monarch, and offering his wisdom. Borath is great friends with the King, as he is with the Pope and many of his ancestors. Borath’s arrival in town is often greeted with great rejoicing by the king and his subjects- save for the few Inquisitors who are jealous of his influence.

Borath is in fact the son of the late Galen the Great, and has been custodian of the heirs of Rhutalath for centuries. Wise and old beyond years, he is slowly biding his time until his protege reclaims the throne- that time is near, as Borath is, by spellcraft and herbs, keeping both Zamerigo and his wife barren. In that event, Roderigo becomes King. He is not sure how Roderigo will respond to the news, as he is a devout Khanusan, yet he knows the people will accept him gladly, especially after he has announced his true heritage.

The adventures and deeds of Borath are too many to mention here, yet it is fair to say he has been a key figure in many of mankind’s recent good fortunes. He helped his father significantly in the Quest for the Sword, and is an influential figure in the attempt to recapture the Wraiths of the Death Queen. Borath is a kind wizard, though he realizes sometimes people need manipulating to do good deeds. He despises the current Rhutalathian state, though he believes readily in the god Khanus. He knows that Khanus is, in reality, the father of all the Toltoni Gods, and this knowledge helps him to advise as well as any Rhutalathian priest could.