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Name: Wilhaet Brem
Other Names: Bremmy
Home: Originally Gruk'li, then Doromir, then Alqaer (all in Ardadain).
Born: 2nd January, 1451
Died: 1474 Age at Death: 23
Level: 17
Race: Krishkan Morrim/ Mizanian
Profession: Fighter

Strength 100
Quickness 79
Presence 52
Intuition 82
Empathy 66
Constitution 100
Agility 99
Self-Discipline 94
Memory 71
Reasoning 67
Appearance 68


Weapon: Axe 108
Weapon: Shortbow 84
MIA: Rigid Leather 84
Riding 58
Swimming 69
Boat Pilot 38
Brawling 39
Directed Strength 47
Intimidation 22
Dance 65
Diving 50
Leadership 37
Navigation 34
Rowing 46
Sailing 45
Skinning 45
Cookery 38
Fire-Starting 45
Hunting 35

LANGUAGES: Mizanian 7, Parzifan 6

PP: 0 HITS: 175

AT: 3 DB: 10

SPECIAL: Heir to Mizanian Throne.

Background:Wilhaet was born on 2nd January, 1451, in the Kreshkan village of Gruk'li. His father, Hemlin, was a fisherman, and was away often, in his boat. His mother, Mizia, looked after Wilhaet whilst Hemlin was away for months at a time. Bremmy's best friend was a girl named Gari Hana, who was the daughter of the chief of the village. They used to play together all the time, and as they got older the two fell in love.

When he was 17, Bremmy asked Gari to marry him. However, as Gari was the chief's daughter, it was necessary to gain permission off him before she could accept. As Hemlin was away far up river, it fell to Mizia to persuade the chief, Hran Hana. The Brem's were a respected and noble family, and no one thought Hran would refuse. However, Hran was not so easily convinced. He told Mizia that they could marry, as long as she consent to be one of his wives. Mizia refused, and this angered Hrun. Hrun hit her, knocking her to the floor, and raped her.

Wilhaet and Gari, hearing Mizia's screams, ran inside. Seeing his mother on the floor, Wilhaet ran over to Hrun, axe drawn. Hrun backhanded him, knocking him back. Hrun pulled out his dagger and plunged it into Mizia's throat, killing her instantly. Rage filled Wilhaet, and he pounced on Hrun, knocking him to the floor. A fight ensued, with each lunging at the other. Gari screamed for them to stop. the fight ended with Wilhaet burying his axe in Hrun's chest. Gari merely watched, tears streaming down her face.

Wilhaet was banished from Gruk'li for killing the chief. Normally, the punishment would be death, but Wilhaet was spared this. He never learnt why. When Hemlin returned, the two left Krishkan for good, travelling east to Nuledor. Gari never spoke to him again.

Hemlin and Wilhaet moved to Doromir, where they became hunters. Wilhaet befriended Mep and, later, Grendel. He lived in this village for six years. After this time, Hemlin had manage to save enough money to buy the galleon he had always wanted. He and Bremmy moved to Alquaer, where they became Captain and first mate of The Ke'rana (The King's pride).

Bremmy returned to Doromir a couple of months later, to see his friends. Whilst here he learnt about Grendel's plight, and joined the quest to save the Vale of the Unicorns.

During the quest, Bremmy was killed by Runk on the Ardadain border. Grendel buried his friend on mizanian soil, as tribute to him. The Companions later discovered that Bremmy was in fact the nephew of the King Minoza, of Mizania, and the heir to the throne.