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Name: Queen Callia
Other Names: Queen of the Sylphs,
Home: The Vale of Unicorns, Rhutalath
Born: ????
Level: 11
Race: Sylph
Profession: Animist

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Background: Callia has lived in the Vale for centuries, and became queen of the Sylphs when her mother disappeared, a hundred years ago. Her mother, Queen Nylla, ventured out of the Vale on a mission of great importance, and never returned.

Her position as Sylph queen means she is subservient to the Masters of the Vale. For the last 100 years she has served Galana, Lady of the Vale and Queen of Unicorns. Following Galana's death, she left to accompany Bremmy and his friends on the hunt for the horns. Since then, the Vale is now being rule by Mep and Alyssa and she serves them loyally.