child_t.gif (3413 bytes)uke Fillip Castriz


Fellip Castriz is a small man, who wears a constant grin. Originally a naval Captain in the feared Garan Armada, he ascended to Duke when his father died two years ago. Although a good leader, Fellip has never been comfortable on land, and still works in the navy, where he has been given the honourary title of Fleet Admiral. Fellip is a proud man, and extremely boastful of his fleet, which he belives to rival that of Atlantea itself. He longs for a war, so that he can prove his fleet in battle.

The Duke is rarely seen on land, except when forced to go to political meetings, and he usually entertains petitioners and fellow dukes aboard his ship, which is usually docked in the great Ameenos bay.

Having never found time to marry, the Duke has no official heir, as of yet. However, he has a bastard son, the child of a Rilan whore who runs his House and affairs whilst the admiral is away at sea.