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Auberon's 'Chosen Men' are an elite unit of Elves, chosen by the general of the Edhelnaur Army, Auberon. Originally made up of the finest fighters in the army, they were responsible for many attacks on Rhutalath, particularly directed towards the Elfdeath. Their main task was to defend the Elvenlands, as well as to help Elven refugees escape across the border.

Their most recent assignment was to strike deep into Rhutalathian territory and defend a small Elven community (Krish-mu) from the Inquisitors. Upon the way they gained three new honourary members: Steel, Shadow and Berunez.

Since then, the group has temporarily disbanded, in order to pursue the Wraiths of Vancumar; Mallis and Auberon are both leading seperate contingents in pursuit of their goal.

General Auberon
Lt.  Loria
Captain Mallis