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The Chosen Men are General Auberon’s elite troops, handpicked by him. Though they number in their hundreds, his most loyal are listed below:

LIEUTENANT LORIA- The daughter of Rowenna of Belestar, Loria is Auberon’s second-in-command, after Mallis. Beautiful, and wise beyond her years, she is the most trusted of the Chosen Men, and acts as a confidante to both Auberon and Mallis. She was trained by the Gallu Vultani in fighting techniques, and in hunting and tracking. She is a vicious fighter, and acts as the ranger and scout in the group. Although Auberon had a crush on her, she eventually yielded to Mallis’s pursuit, and is now courting him.

DEAD-EYE- Little is known about Dead-Eye...what is real name is is a mystery, as is how he lost his eye. Some even speculate that he never lost his eye, and he just covers it up for the longest practical joke in history. His parents were unknown, and he was raised in the army. He was found at the barracks in his crib, and none owned up to him. Some suspect he was the bastard child of General Celebir, or even Caledor, though that is more rumour than fact. Dead-eye has shown no interest in who is family are, thinking of the Chosen Men as his brothers and sisters. He carries a long-bow, which he carved himself from Mallor wood. He calls it ‘Mara,’ which he claims is his sister’s name. As Dead-Eye didn’t know his family, most suspect he’s made it up.

Dead-eye is a quiet man, but witty. He is sarcastic, though fiercely loyal to both the Queen and his general.

OLWE (OL)- Ol is the youngest of the Chosen Men. He is the youngest son of Lord Lord Lindolor, head of House Areali. He is the unofficial morale booster of the group, and often has a joke (witty or otherwise) to brighten the situation. Like the rest of House Areali he is gifted with song, and often plays to the Chosen Men on his golden harp, singing rude songs of debauchery and orgies. He nearly always has a smile on his face, is eternally optimistic, and finds everything curious and exciting. For this reason he is both loved and loathed by his brethren.

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