Wavemistress Colinna Il Dorona

Ni Migola Ni Lashani

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Colinna Il Dorona is the current Wavemistress of the Kerin’thia, and makes her home aboard her Sovereign Ship, The Lia’Minara. She is originally from the Lashani clam, although she rarely relies on that background. As Wavemistress, she believes it important to consider all clans equally. She is well-loved by her people, and has recently separated several clans, which were getting too large, and thus commissioned new clans, tribes and city-ships. She has also extended the borders of their trade-routes, and for the first time the Kerin’thia are travelling as far as Atlantis.

Colinna is young for her position, but was elected for both her intelligence, and the success of her Tribal ship, the Lashano. Under her command the Lashano had become the richest and most renown ship in the Tribes.

Colinna, despite her small stature, is a commanding woman, and can be harsh at times. She talks very little, though she follows piously, and will always be present to meet foreign ‘Nori’thia’ visitors. She is a good-looking woman, though her somber face sometimes belies her warmth.