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The Conquistidores are an elite branch of the Rhutalathian Royal Army, consisting of the best and most skilled warriors in the Army. The Conquistidores are always the first on the battle-field, and the last off, and are fearless in battle- never running nor surrendering. They usually ride into battle on the finest Rhutalathian horses, though are happy to dismount in battle, should the need arise. They are also able sea-men, being able to fight well on ships, and acting as Rhutalathian marines. Due to their elite nature, they are never given to menial tasks are guard duty, instead spending all their time in their barracks, enhancing their skills.

Nobody can volunteer to join the Conquistidores- they usually choose their own members based on observation in battle, or hear-say. Numbering only 2,000, the generals are always happy to accept new members, as long as they can prove they are good enough.

The Conquistidores wear armour similar to that of the other Royal soldiers, but with white clothing and a blue cloak. However, they often decorate their uniforms in their own way, with each unit adopting its own style- for instance the East Denaran Regiment decorate their helmets with horse-hair plumes.

Skill Ranks
Weapon 1 5
Weapon 2 4
Polearm 5
MIA: Chain 6
MIA: Plate 8
Body Development 4
Riding: Horse 5
Military Organization 3
Religion: Khanusan 1
Tactics 2
TA: Shipboard 6
Missile Artillery: Ship 4
Frenzy 3
Two-Weapon Combo 6
TA Horse 4

Must forsake 2 levels

Must have already purchased the Royal Soldier Package.