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The Crimson Guard are the elite guards of the Shadowmage. They live in Carakum, following the Shadowmage wherever he goes. Numbering about one hundred, the most powerful six serve as his personal retinue, and never leave his side. The rest are summoned when deemed necessary. The Crimson Guard dress in flowing red robes, with red armour, and their symbol, a black bat, is emblazoned on their chests. They wear no helmets, only the Aegis-bands, which enhance their psi-power. They also carry psi-spears, and Essence Shields.

The Crimson Guards consist solely of Astomi. Whilst the vast majority are female, a rare few are males who are judged to have enough power to be worthy. Astomi are obviously silent guards. They are also prohibited from casting any kind of psionic spell without permission. Any who does so will be immediately killed by the rest. The same is true of speaking (telepathically). The only exception to this is Mod'ika, the General of the Guard. She alone can speak to the Shadow-mage, and enjoys a trusted role as one of his main advisors.

The Crimson Guard must always be ready for duty, and the six members of the Shadowmages Retinue take it in turns to guard his whilst he sleeps. No one has a more responsibly role in Daenor than that of the Guard.


Psi-Spear 6

Other Weapon 3

Plate Armour 8

Power Perception 3

Presence Projection 3

Martial Arts Strikes (4) 4

Way of the Warrior (will) 4

Body Dev 5

SD +10

The Crimson Guard gain another 2 psionic lists

Aegis-Band: +25 to Spell-casting,x4 PP

Psi-Spear: +5 Psi-Adder, User can project his psionics through the spear, making it glow; all hits do an additional essence critical.

Essence Shield: Acts as +50 RR to all essence spells, and +50 DB to all spell attacks. Also, +75 shield.