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CARAKUM- The citadel of Carakum, within the city of the same name, is the seat of the Shadow-Mage's power, and is also known as the Imperial Throne, or the Citadel of Shadow. it is an ominous place, built of black obsidian and eog, and towering twelve stories into the air, as well as having six underground deeps. entrance to the citadel is achieved by passing through six heavily fortified and trapped gates, and the corpses of those who displeased Yamaile are strung along its high walls. Resembling more of a fortress than a palace, the Shadow-Mage resides in its highest tower, where it is claimed he can see everything in his realm.

THE HIGH TEMPLE OF THE KEEPERS- The high Temple is located on the Island of Flame, in the centre of Lake Gaellia. A towering complex, carved with images of both the Death queen and Balzot, as well as a plethora of demons, the High Temple is an ominous place. Four turrets flank the temple, upon which burn flames as black as night. These flames create immense black smoke, the Shi'na, which congests over the plateau and covers the Udum in shadow when there is no wind. The turrets are a two hundred foot high, and can be seen for miles. The high Temple is where the Eternal Flame is stored, and it is off-limits to all but temple personnel, with the exception of Yamaile and Zaria.

ZI-TIGRAINA- Zi-Tigraina is the palace of Lady Tigraine. Located on the northern bank of Lake Falmor, it is a beautiful place, a haven in the demonic lands of Daenor. Occupied solely by lady Tigraine and her servant, its walls are a dazzling white, and its roofs are made of red laen and tile. Courtyards and fountains, built in the style of Malidor, dominate the grounds, and statues and works of art from throughout the Empire have been collected and displayed. Tigraine has even experimented with gardens, attempting to unleash some kind of emotion- however, there is something decidedly odd about the gardens; everything has been arranged cold logic, and the flowers seem to lack life. Even birds avoid the area. Zi-Tigraina is a place of both wealth and beauty, but is unappreciated by Tigraine herself, its designer and occupant.

LUG KYZAR- Lug Kyzar stands deep within Kyzar Forest, the dark tower of the Liche-lord, Kyzar. Resembling from a distance a large standing stone of black obsidian, it is really a vast tower, comprising of 8 stories. It is situated in a large circular clearing, surrounded by dark statues of undead warriors, and six small rivers (of dirty and undrinkable water) flow from the tower in a star-burst pattern, to divide the clearing. The streams are tainted with the remains of Kyzar's experiments, and are both toxic and enchanted; they end in small pools, which gradually soak into the soil. The tower has only one entrance, on the south-side of the tower, and one window, at the very top, which glows with an eerie purple light.

STONE-KEEP- Stone-Keep is located deep in the Ered Norsa, and is the home base of the Stone-Fists. Originally a Norsan temple, it is carved from marble and gold. The temple is vast indeed, built in proportion for the giants who once occupied it. The vast door ways stand 20' high, and even the trolls and ogres who live there have had to make the steps smaller by playing long strips of wood along them. The windows, too high to be of any use, have been boarded up. Though only two floors high, and a basement, it nevertheless stands higher than most Mannish towers. The two Norsan statues in the courtyard, though disfigured with erosion and time, stand over 30' tall. Stone-Keep is the home of Captain Grobo.

THE SPIRE- The Spire is a large conical rock, jutting from a river in the midst of Taur Gwath. Although a natural formation, the Spire has been hollowed out, and converted to a fortress. Five stories high, it is now the home of the Bane. Atop the Spire is a small tower, built mainly as a look-out post, as well as an observatory.

THE FORT OF MIST- The Fort of Mist has been built on the edge of the Loeg Hithui, and is constantly shrouded by the swamp fog which gives the fortress its name. Located a few miles north of the Rhutalathian border, the Fort of Mist is home to the majority of Keasa's troops, a mix of Orcs and Daenorrim, guarding the border and building their strength. The Fort of mist is the first line of defence, and attack, against the Rhutalathians.

THE DOME- The Dome is a beautiful building, carved from yellow and red rocks, which give it a unique pattern. It is topped by a vast golden dome which gives the building its name. The ctiadel is two stories high, then the dome itself contains three floors. In addition, three towers surround the citadel, reaching as high as the dome's pinnacle. The dome is topped by a statue of Balzot, made from mithril, with its arms raised upwards. The citadel is the home of the Servants of Lore, and occasionally of Zaria herself. It is located in the on a hill overlooking Miru.

FORT FALMAR- Fort Falmar is located to north of Zi-Tigraina, in the Falmor region of Zar-Voez. It is typical of most of Daenor's forts, with very little to make it stand out. Tigraine keeps most of her best troops here, all Gaellians or Huani. She keeps the Orcs in the Emyn Beraid, where they guard the road to Deathvale.

THE STONES OF BRINA- The Stones of Brina stand in a henge shape, where the river Nurz flows from Ered Vor mountains. The Stones of Brina are occupied a spirit, said by the Gaellians to be the vengeful God, Brina, to whom the site was originally dedicated. In truth, the spirit is that of Haefglas, a powerful druid whose tomb is found at the centre of the henge. The spirit hates all Orc-kind, and any Orc who ventures near the henge is instantly slain, usually by some trick of nature, or some 'rabid' animal under the druid's thrall. Gaellian's are generally safe from the Druid's wrath, though other Mannish folk have occasionally contracted a fever and died a slow agonizing death. Haefglas is said to be kinder to those opposed to Daenor, and his tomb may even yield treasures which can help in the fight against the Daenor Empire!