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Daenor Soldier

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The vast majority of able-bodied Daenorrim males join the army (known as the Imperial fist); Soldiering is the only profession in Daenor which is not heavily taxed. As such, Daenor possesses a large standing army. A soldier is paid 3cp a week, and has to serve six months a year.

The uniform of the soldiers is black armour, with black shirts and pantaloons. Their helmets and breast plates have the symbol of Daenor, a black bat with fangs. The vast majority wear chain mail, though some units have been assigned plate. Cavalry is rare in the army, though there are scouts and light dragoons. The main troops are spearmen and swordsmen, with a few crossbowmen.

When not at war, the soldiers patrol the borders, are guard key sites and watch from towers. The unlucky ones are sent to Ilmanor to guard the territory. Rank is indicated on the sleeves of the troops, on red armbands, and is determined by lines, one for sergeant, 2 for corporal, etc. There are very few officers in the army, due to their being no privilages. However, a few of the Shadowmage's best men are captains or generals, and these wear red cloaks.


Primary weapon 3

Secondary Weapon 2

MIA: Chain 4

MIA: Plate 1

Body Dev. 3

Riding (soldier/cavalry) 1/4

Looting 4

Brawling 3

Gambling 1

Alcohol Tolerance 2

Missile Artillery 1

Hobbies 6

*(Primary Weapon: Cavalry= spear, Pikemen= spear, Archers= crossbow, Footsoldiers= Broadsword
Secondary Weapon: Cavalry= shortbow, Pikemen= Shortsword, Archers= Shortsword, Footsoldiers= Mace)

Must forsake 1 level

Talent Points:
Weapon (+5) 5
Lesser War horse 30
Promotion 7
Loot (1d10 gp) 7
Loot (3d10 gp) 15
Loot (roll on chart) 15
Armour (+5) 5
Shield (+5) 5

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