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Type: Village
Inhabitants: 100% Ardadan
Population: 122
Origin: Sir Kenil Azeroth built his house here in 1352, following a grant from the king. A village has since developed around it.
Inns: The Wizard's Rest
Symbol: A black eagle, on a yellow field.
Doromir is a common resting-point for travellers on their way to Gothmarket. The village is run by Kemlar Azeroth, and his wife, Miriel

1. Azeroth Manor- Home to Lord Azeroth and family, including his daughter Pariel.
2. Morandor's Tower- Home to the magician, Morandor, and his two aprentices, Grendel and Zardock
3. Temple of Eleniel
4. Wizard's Rest Inn- Run by Rubb and Bura Grumm, and their three daughters.
5. The Watch-house
6. Tetrol's Garments
7. Kilnar's Smithy
8. Berril's General Goods
9. The house of Maree Alnar and Alf Mep, Grendel's friends.

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