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Type: Mining Village
Inhabitants: 100% Ardadan
Population: 41
Origin: The Old Hare inn was built in 1417 by Grin Dudley, as a resting place for miners. Since that time, a mining community has grown around it.
Inns: The Old Hare
Symbol: A white hare on a green field.
A village of gold prospectors, the village is well known for its hospitable nature. The Old Hare is an inn of great reputation in the Mira district. the current mayor is Kemwe.

1. Mayor Kemwe's House
2. The Old Hare Inn- Run by Dral Dudley and his wife, Noria, and his daughter, Madison.
3. Healers-Home of the resident healer, Sela Gerin.
4. The Watch-house
5. Smithy- Owned by Gram Marka

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