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King Durin is the reigning monarch of the Dirani Dwarves, and lives in the vast halls of Kazak-Garan. Young (for a Dwarf), he ascended the throne at the lowly age of sixty. Durin is descended from a long-line of Sea-Kings, and as such loves the sea as much as the rest of the Dirani. Although he rarely gets to leave the mines, as affairs of state and trade are too pressing, when he does get the chance he sails all around his kingdom. His own personal Flag-hulkship, the Homely Hearth, is frequently seen docked next to duke Fellip’s flagship, The King’s Pride , where the two leader’s meet up and entertain each other with drink and song.

King Durin, when within his dark halls, likes to tinker with plans and ideas, inventing various new designs of ship. One of his most famous inventions is the Stormship, a small gunship carrying one large cannon and only two crew. Durin is married to Queen Gali, although he seldom sees her outside Kazak-Galen, as Dwarven rules insist that females are not allowed on ships.