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The Knights of The Eagle are a unique religious order, dedicated to defending Khanusan. Unlike most Knight Orders, the Knights of the Eagle are a maritime Order, and spend their days sailing the vast seas around Toltoluine. Gigantic floating monastaries, the ships of the Order are little more than floating cathedrals, with humble dorms for the knights to sleep in. These ships are slow, but well armed with ballistae.

The Knights of the Eagle follow a rank system similar to that of the Knights of the Blood. Indeed, several of its members were originally from that order. Unlike their land-based brethren however, the Knights of the Eagle are a navy force. Although most of their time on board is spent in meditation and religious reflection, the Knights are feared by pirates and other navies. Their large ships are hardy in combat, and the Knights are ferocious warriors.

Like all knights, Knights of the Eagle are granted their status by proving themselves in battle. As it is unusual for navy warriors to be knighted, most of the Order come from land forces, which are then trained vigorously. Those who reach the rank of Knight General are not only given command of their own Cathedral-Ship, but are often given a stretch of sea for their own.

Although most of their time is spent patrolling the eastern seas, the Knights will perform any task, from rescuing troubled ships, to escorting pilgrims to the sacred Isle of Sha-Mo. In recent years, the Knights of the Eagle took part in the Crusades, escorting thousands of Knights of the Blood to Larador, as well as attacking coastal bastions. The ships often carry a number of priests or Inquisitors, as well, who conduct prayers and rituals for the Order.

The Knights of the Blood usually come ashore at the town of Marl, where the Cathedral of the Eagle stands, dedicated to them. It is here were prospective members come to enlist. alone of all ships, the Knights of the Order are allowed to sail around Tol Goroth. Marl also has a giant dock, owned by the Order, which is able to hold up to 10 of their 18 ships. Their gigantic floating monasteries are feared by enemies and welcomed by friends.



Longsword 5

Scimitar 4

Other Weapon 4

Navigate 5

Astronomy 4

Body Development 5

Boat Pilot 3

Rowing 3

Sailing 5

Religion: Khanusan 6

WOW: Pain 5

MIA: Plate 5

Meditation 5

Heraldry 4

Chivalry 5

1 Artistic Skill 3

TA: Ocean 5

Region Lore: 1 sea 5

Must Forsake 2 levels, and have purchased the 'Knighted' background option.


Knight Errant 0

Full Knight 10

Lord Knight 30

Knight-General (Captain) 55

+10 Weapons 10

+10 Armour 15