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Chosen Men


The Chosen Men are the elite of the Argani Army, chosen by General Auberon for the most dangerous assignments. Only a warrior of great skill is generally chosen. There are actually over a hundred Chosen Men, most formerly of Ash Company, but Auberon generally only utilizes a small group at a time. First and foremost the Chosen Men are skirmishers, but usually they go where an army can’t, unseen into hostile territory, or into enemy castles.

The current leader is officially Captain Mallis- but as he also has command of the whole of Ash company, leadership often falls to Lieutenant Loria.

The Chosen Men are incredibly skilled with weapons and warcraft...but King Lexus has shown some worry about their lack of discipline. Aka Seroni Ango, or Companions of Steel.



Primary weapon 6

Secondary Weapon 5

MIA: R. Leather 5

MIA: S, Leather 5

Body Dev. 4

Brawling 4

Looting 4

Alcohol Tolerance 4

Hobbies 6

Must forsake 2 levels. Also, MUST have already taken the Norohtari army package.