child_m.gif (3208 bytes)agle-Riders (Soroni)


Another branch of the Elven Army, the Eagle-Riders serve as shock troops and elite cavalry. They ride great Eagles into battle, attacking the enemies of Edhelnore from above. Most Eagle-Riders originally served in the cavalry. The Barracks at Emynost keeps a few of the Great Eagles, though most live wild. In times of war the General simply has to ascend the mountains to ask them for help, and they give it.


Spear 4

Longbow 4

MIA: R. Leather 4

MIA: S, Leather 5

Body Dev. 3

Flying/Gliding 4

Beastmaster: Eagle 4

Language: Eagle 5

Hobbies 6

Must forsake 1 level. Also, MUST have already taken the Norohtari army package