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"Give me your money!"

Name: Edwin Morkis
Other Names: The Pazuza, Heathen fool (by Lexus), Eddie, Eddie One-Hand, Eddie No-Hands
Home: Buhr Morkis, Normearc
Born: 21st October, 1443
Age: 33
Level: 22
Race: Normearcling
Profession: Barbarian
Player: John Radcliffe
Last Words: "It's just an illusion."

Strength 100
Quickness 77
Presence 75
Intuition 58
Empathy 60
Constitution 95
Agility 95
Self-Discipline 34
Memory 78
Reasoning 70
Appearance 72


Weapon: Warhammer 195
Weapon: Axe 190
AM: Strength 95
Climbing 131
Disarm Trap 84
Perception 73
Stalk/ Hide 100
Swimming 129
2-Weapon Combo 171
Acrobatic 119
Brawling 98
Contortions 139
Demon Lore 70
First Aid 88
Sense Ambush/Assassin 70
Use Remove Poison 77
Weapon Evaluation 71
Intimidation 76
Presence Projection 81
WOW: Will 108
WOW: Pain 111
WOW: Unconsciousness 111
WOW: Fatigue 111
Athletic Games 89
Jumping 78
Seduction 69
Hostile Environments 98
Surgery 74
Riding 156
Tactics 71

LANGUAGES: Normearc 7, Parzifan 6, Vancu 2, Argani 5

PP: 0 HITS: 230

AT: 18 DB: 10

SPECIAL: Can change into Pazuza at will.

Tortured 1xday by Balzot.



Fang- This +50 Handaxe is Unholy, and made of red eog. It does x2 damage and, if thrown, it returns to the wielder’s hand a round later.

Balzot’s Mirth- This black ring is a ‘gift’ from Balzot. It has a single opal andis carved with gold demons.

+25 DB

Wearer is immune to fear and charm spells, and causes fear.

Ring cannot be removed. Every day, at midday, wearer feels immense pain for 6 minutes

Black Armour- The Black Armour is made from Black Eog and was forged in the Underworld. It is AT 18 but encumbers only as AT10.

The Black Armour has a permanent layer of acid. Anyone touching the armour takes a C heat acid critical.

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Background: Eddie was born in 1443 to Bronwen and Morach. Morach Stone-spear, the High Chieftain, was proud of his only son. Eddie was strong from a very early age. He helped out on the farm, and he also used to watch his father train with axes. When Eddie got older his father taught him how to wield an axe effectively. However, Eddie was always fond of using the Battle Hammer. Its strength delighted him.

Eddie fought at the side of his father in many battles against the hated Orcs. He was prone to go into a frenzied state, and this inevitably got him into a lot of trouble. His father taught him how to control his anger, and combine it with his adrenal strength to make him into an effective warrior.

When Eddie was twenty one, his life changed. The Orcs planned a surprise attack on the village. Morach heard about it, via his spies, and he sent Eddie to the neighbouring villages to get reinforcements. Eddie was ambushed by Orc scouts, however. He managed to slay them all, in a fierce skirmish, but in doing so he wasted too much time. He gathered reinforcements, but by the time he returned he found his village burnt to the ground. He was too late!

His mother and father lay slaughtered. They were surrounded by the bodies of many slain Orcs, indicating they had fought well. In the end, though, they were overwhelmed.

Edwin, the last of his tribe, set out to avenge his fathers death. He never forgave himself for his family's death, and had no-one to control his anger. As a result, he became a little psychotic.

After many adventures, he met Jempo, an Elf who seemed to have a calming effect on him. The became friends, and adventured together. They met Bantan, Sha'rina (who Eddie had a soft spot for- but never admitted it) and Valkrist. Together, these were the group who were responsible for starting The Quest (The Scroll Seekers). Eddie was killed in 1472 by the sorceress, Karella, in one of her many forms.

Edwin was brought back to life by Balzot, the Devil, and given the task of stopping the Scroll-Seekers (his friends). In return, he was given the ability to change into a demonic form, known as the Pazuza. By treachery and deceit he managed to kill Bantan.

Edwin's treacheries were eventually discovered by Lexus, who purified his soul, and broke the Devil's pact. After that, Edwin proved his loyalty many times, and eventually regained his friends' trust.

Eddie was killed by Giant Spiders after getting stuck in a spider's web (which, due to previous events, he was convinced was an illusion). Lexus and the group gave him a typical Normearcan burial (setting fire to a boat), like all good heroes deserve.

Story by John Radcliffe

Part 2: Eddie doesn't stay dead for long. Once again Balzot resurrected him for a task of great importance; help Kilmarien save Balzot's grand-daughter, Shinkara. This quest further developed into destroying the earthly bonds which kept Balzot entombed in Udum. Eddie, never one to submit willingly, was tortured once a day by Balzot, to ensure his loyalty. The quest continues...........