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Minas Caledor: Minas Caledor is a tall and elegant tower of great beauty, built atop a large hill. It is a memorial for King Caledor, who was buried there. The tower itself is topped by a great brazier which is kindled in times of festival or war (green flames for a feast, red for war). It can be seen clearly from Emynost.

Mar-I-Nore- This homely manor was constructed as a hostel for travellers. It still serves as one, though it sees little business. Its tavern, Queen’s Hearth, is highly famed for its wine and its warmth.

Mar Palando- Mar Palando is the home of the Palando- a vast hall, with numerous chambers, topped with the domes of jade and obsidian. A visitor will feel very much alone here, as its size is too great for its small population. The lower halls serve as workshops for magical experiments. The Hall of Long-Gate holds a permanent portal, large enough for five people abreast, though it needs a Navigator to operate it and chose a destination.

The Crystal Hall- Located behind a large waterfall, the Crystal hall is really a group of large interconnected caverns. Its location is a well-kept secret, for it is the home of the Cor Noli. A small cave high in the mountains serves as a watch-tower, and is manned at all times by two archers and a mage. The higher caverns of the Crystal Hall are home to Miquala, as well as The Vaults of Wisdom, where many scrolls and artifacts of power or contained.

The Great Library- This library is located on Tol Nole and was built to contain the books and scrolls of old Avallani. Since then its collection has grown and it contains thousands of tomes of lore and spellcraft, and history of the five ages. It is officially maintained by the Cor Noli, though it is open to all Argani and the occasional Ardanian and Atlantean visitor. The Cor Noli keep anything of any danger or real power in the Vaults in Crystal Hall.

The library is run by the Litarians, a group of sages employed by the Cor Noli to keep the books safe, and to help visitors. The Litarians have memorized every single book and its location, and most have mentalist powers to help them. The vast halls are filled with thousands of book-shelves, and Litarians flying to get to the higher shelves. A small garrison is maintained here, to protect the library.

It was recently burned by the Rash’ana in an attempt to keep the location of the Sword of Kuros a secret from the Company of the Sword. The entire east wing was destroyed, and thousands of books burned, It has since been rebuilt, and the Litarians are trying to recall the information from their collective-mind and rewrite it. But some lore of the ages will be lost forever............

Fort Amonen- Like all forts, Amonen is a barracks for the Elven Army. Amonen is run by Ash company, and watches over the last road. All the forts in Edhelnore are similar, and are maintained by a company each.

Mar Aiwi: This mansion belongs to Kemlin, a minor lord and avid Ornithologer. The elf has a gigantic aviary with over a thousand species of bird. The noise is unbearable in the early hours of the morn, but the sight of so many colours is stunning. Many Elves travel for miles to see his collection. Kemlin imports birds from all over the world, and will pay a hefty price for rare species.