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Name: Elestan
Other Names: Boring Elestan, Sir Elestan.
Home: Originally Moncite, Malidor, now Doromir.
Born: 19th May, 1449
Age: 27
Level: 22
Race: Common Man
Profession: Paladin

Strength 94
Quickness 79
Presence 68
Intuition 90
Empathy 86
Constitution 74
Agility 90
Self-Discipline 70
Memory 62
Reasoning 61
Appearance 75


Weapon: Longsword 171
Weapon: Crossbow 125
Attunement 78
Perception 92
Runes 76
Ambush 58
Spell Trickery 61
Administration 72
Religion: Eleniel 115
Directed Spells 75
Pick-Pockets 74
Shield Bash 48
Alcohol Tolerance 42
Weapon: Dagger 48
MIA: Chain 125
Transcend Armour 61
Star-Gazing 106
Riding 76
First Aid 91
Channeling 104
Demon Lore 52


All Paladin Lists
All Open Channeling Lists
Light Law
Mana Lights

LANGUAGES: Maldidoran 10, Parzifan 6, Ardanian 6,

PP: 87 HITS: 159

AT: 18 DB: 20

SPECIAL: Battlefield Awareness


Elmacil- Sword forged by the Starlords. +15 Holy longsword. x2 PP.

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Background:Elestan was born on 19th May, 1449 in Moncite (Malidor). As a child he was obsessed with the stars, spending all his nights day dreaming at them. His father, Marlan, was an advisor to the king, and Elestan would spen his time up on the high towers of the Orpalais, watching Eleniel's stars.

Marlan was eventually sent to join the Malidoran Embassy in Ardadain, as a courier and diplomat. So, when he was fifteen, Elestan, Marlan, his brother Faran, and his mother, Raqela, moved to Angost. It was whilst here that Elestan observed the Starlord Parade, on the 21st June. Elestan was fascinated with the Star-lords, and decided there and then that that was his call in life. At the age of seventeen, Elestan joined Eleniel's church.

Elestan spent six years at the temple in Warbeth, learning the ways and doctrine of Eleniel. Whilst here he served as a templar, and Guardian of the Candles. At the age of 21 he was promoted to Paladin. He had to remain at the temple six months whilst he waited for an assignment. Eventually, he was sent to Doromir, to learn off Kayla, and help the townspeople. Faran returned to Malidor, where he became a groom in the king's stables. Raqela remained with Marlan, acting as a cook for the embassy.

Elestan became good friends with Grendel and his friends, and they had many adventures together. During the quest, Elestan rescued them from the clutches of the Inquisition. He also proved his worth on many occassions.

At the end of the quest, Elestan took over the temple of Eleniel in Doromir, following the death of Kayla Mithras, the original cleric. He was also knighted.