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The Norohotari (Warrior’s of the People) are the Elven army. They are led by General Auberon, and are divided into companies. Each company is named after a tree or plant (such as Oak Company), and each company has its own area to patrol and guard. The soldiers are well-trained and many have fought throughout the ages. Most have survived the Battle of Vancumar and other bloody wars.

A soldier generally spends 12 months guarding a border, then another 12 months guarding a city or fort. Neither of these is a long time for an Elf. After this, they will get 12 months off, before the cycle starts again.

Most of the Elven soldiers are given armour made of Lasalang, a shiny-green metal of great lightness and strength. The army is divided into cavalry, spearmen, bowmen, infantry, eagle-riders and skirmishers.


Primary weapon 6

Secondary Weapon 4

MIA: Chain 5

MIA: Plate 2

Body Dev. 4

Riding (soldier/cavalry) 3/6

Military Tactics 2

Missile Artillery 1

Hobbies 6

*(Primary Weapon: Cavalry= spear, Pikemen= spear, Archers= crossbow, Footsoldiers= Broadsword
Secondary Weapon: Cavalry= shortbow, Pikemen= Shortsword, Archers= Shortsword, Footsoldiers= Mace)

Must forsake 2 levels

Lasalang Armour: AT 16, encumbers as AT 8. +15 to DB