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Eliss Gralmor was born forty five years ago, in the Tyari capital of Glossam. The son of a merchant, Eliss lost his parents at a young age when their caravan was attacked by trolls, and they were brutally killed. Eliss, who was staying with his grandparents at the time, grew up plotting revenge. When he reached adult-hood, he joined the Tyari Military, his sole purpose to join the Trollguard. Although he was refused on his first and second applications for the Trollguard, he carried on trying, determined to join its elite ranks. Eliss was finally accepted, becoming one of only a few ever to successfully reapply twice. Now, as Captain of the Trollgard, he pursues the hated Trolls doggedly, demanding vengeance.

Eliss is a burly man, only 5'7, but were wide. His face his scarred viciously, from previous skirmishes, and he is often sullen and cynical. However, his men know that ocassionally Eliss can be very jovial, and they both respect and like him.