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The Enlightened were established in 940 by Iana Moonblade, the half-Elven daughter of an innkeeper in Ainn. They are a terrorist group, dedicated to erasing Elven-hatred from the land. Their missions involve assassinating key members of the duchy/ royal family, helping any Elf who needs it, burning churches, killing priests, and generally being a thorn in the side of the Inquisition. Their terms are as follows: Abolish Khanusan, and bring back the Elves. Until this happens, their terrorism will continue.

The Enlightened consist of mainly half-elves, tired of their constant mistreatment, but any human with a tint of Elven blood may feel compelled to join. Even a few pure humans have joined the ranks. The Enlightened are stationed in Ainn, beneath the Smith's Guild. They are lead by Emilia Elmwood, the innkeeper of the Bow and Leaf. It is rumoured that Baron Gomez is a sympathizer, which accounts for the Enlightened's discreteness. Another branch of the Enlightened has sprung up in Strovol, in the Hogstail Inn.

The Enlightened meet up frequently in Ainnara, and many of them actually live here, now. It is here that injured or hunted Elves are brought to hide and heal All the Enlightened have forsaken the ways of mankind, and returned to the methods of their Elven forefathers. It is interesting to note that the Half-Elves of Krish-Mu do not agree with the Enlightened's violent ways, and are trying to stop them.

Entry is usually offered to all those of Elven blood, or their trusted mannish friends.


Elf History 4

Elf Lore 3

1 Smithing 3

Poetry 4

Play Instrument 3

Dancing 2

Singing 1

Longbow 1

Climbing 3

Flora Lore 2

Fauna Lore 2

Stalk/Hide 4

Religion: Tolton 2



Nightcats are the skilled assassins of the Enlightened, sent to kill and main priests and nobles.


Stalk/Hide 4

Ambush 6

Silent Kill 6

Sniping 4

Dagger 3

Throw Dagger 3

Blowgun 3

Poison Lore 4

Set Trap 3

Build Trap 3

All Nightcats receive 6 daggers, black clothing, and 1D6 vials of poison (GM's choice).

Must Forsake 1 level, AND already possess the 'Enlightened background package.'