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Menik: Menik is a fairly large town on the outskirts of the Ered Glos. The capital of the Ursani settlements, it is connected to snake-spire by the Menik Trail. Its yellow walls are high and wide, and totems surround the many squares. The main feature of the town is the Bear-Maw, the giant fortress which dominates the northern end of the town. Menik gives its alliegance to Snake-Spire, and its numerous warriors serve Lamia the Golden.

Pinnel: Located to the south-east of Menik, Pinnel is the centre of religion for the Ursani. Each year, thousands of warriors travel here to under-go the Blood Rites, and worship Vri’jinka. The town is dominated by the Vri'mana, the giant ziggurat dedicated to the bear god. Pinnel, like Menik, is under the sway of Snake-Spire, and the chief-shaman, Padiman, often acts as Lamia's eyes and ears.

Kaz-Meneg: a.k.a. Copper-Head. Kaz-Meneg is a Dwarven town to the south of Dwarron. Originally just a small underground fortress, its main aim was to protect the roads to Dwarron. Since then it has expanded, and has become a wealthy town. Its small mines produce large quantities of copper each year, which is traded with the Dwarves of Dwarron. Kaz-Meneg is reknown for its Runelords, a guild of rune-smiths who produce weapons of great power.

Zigar-Khaw: a.k.a. Lake-Fell. Zigar-Khaw, like Kaz-Meneg, was originally a fortress. It is now a large town, known for its entertainment and large Mead-Halls. It is a frequent stopping point for Slayers on their way from Dwarron to the Troll Fells in Rhutalath. As such, the Dwarves of Zigar-Khaw are a fairly tolerant people. The city has a few tin and copper mines, but makes its wealth from its production of Khawmi Gruga (Dw: Lake-side Beer). The beer is famous throughout the Dwarven realms as being potent and delicious. Zigar-Khaw is named after the great underground lake on which it stands (Khaw-Mig). The lake is over five miles across, and its banks are a good source of Gruhalh, the fungus necessary for Gruga.

Kaz-Kamar: a.k.a Man-Hill: Kaz-Kamar was built centuries ago, as a trading post for the Rhutalathians. Since then it has expanded dramatically, and has become a large town. Unlike most Dwarven towns, there is a small population of Mannish traders and craftsmen living amongst the Dwarves, in the outer-city. Most Kaz-Kamar Dwarves are treated mockingly by the other Kuzaki, though all understand the necessity of the trade, most of which provides profit for Dwarron. Kaz-Kamar is reknown for its great market, one of the largest in Iaurdor, which opens its doors once a month.