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Many of the Mearri feel a terrible guilt for the pain and suffering caused to the Ilman. Whilst most help out just by killing the occassional Orc, or offering aid to someone in need, others take more drastic action. The Feanna (E. Guardians) are those Elves who have taken it upon themselves to help the Ilman in their plight. They travel around the lands of Ilman, killing Orcs, rescuing captives and capturing food for the Ilman. They have also, from time to time, unveiled plans for attacks, and warned the Ilman, or stopped the attack themselves. The Feanna think of themselves as the Guardian Angels of the Ilman. The Ilman are in awe of the Feanna, having spent generations with very little Elvish contacts. A few are invited to live in the cities, but most are feared (respectfully) by the Ilman. The Feanna are not offended by this, and think of it as their 'glorious duty' to defend the Ilman. The Feanna act as Rangers, protecting the houses of those Ilman who live on the surface, as well as escorting and protecting lost travellers. They even occassionally accompany the Skyrangers on their exhibitions. The Skyrangers, more than any other ilman, understand the Feanna, and treat them as equals.

The Feanna, whilst not shunned, are not particularly popular in Mearri society. They feel the Feanna are interfering with the Ilmans affairs, and are a constant reminder of the price of their own previous interference. The Feanna have their own tower a few miles north of Dian. The tower, once belonging to a guild of Aetherlords in past times, is a well-fortified structure, and capable of sustaining 1000 men. Every year, more and more Feanna flock to the Silver Tower (as it is known), and the Elven communities are growing concerned by the wanderlust and violence inherent in the Feanna.

The Feanna dress all in white, with silver armour, and glittering swords. Most bleach their hair blonde, as well. Their symbol is a silver tower, crossed with two golden arrows. The current leader, Shianna Goldbow, is trying to extend their community into other countries, though with little success so far.


Weapon 1 3

Weapon 2 3

Climbing 3

Stalk/Hide 5

Region Lore 3

Herb Lore 4

TA: Forest 4

TA: Hills 3

Flora Lore 3

Fauna Lore 3

Fletching 1

Foraging 2

Nature Observance 2

Concealment 1

Most Feanna possess at least one Ranger Spell-list

Must Forsake 2 levels.