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The main setting for my campaign is the magical world of Gaiana (known nowadays as Earth). The current time is 1476 in the 5th Era. This corresponds roughly with the beginning of the Age of Virgo (approximately 15,000 years ago, or 13000BC). The basic culture on the planet has evolved to about the same standards as that of medieval Britain, although some cultures are more primitive, and a few are quite advanced!! I know that this is wrong from a historical point of view, but it would be a bit boring if we just had primitive hominids with stone spears being chased by angry boars (or maybe not...).

Gaiana is a magical world, populated by numerous peoples. The first races were the immortals, the chief of whom were the Elves. Humans came much later, at the beginning of what are known as the Eras of the Sun. They were originally intended as slaves for the immortals, gifts to celebrate their liberation from the forces of Balzot. However, Danu and Khanus (the mother and father gods) had something else in mind...

Now, in the 5th Era, the Mannish races are truly masters of the world, with the dwindling immortals slowly losing dominance. The Mannish Parzifans, heirs to the Spartan civilization, rule much of the world, from the great kingdoms of Atlantia and Pacifica. Their rule is not absolute, however; the Manlings must constantly be on guard against marauding Orcs, greedy Dwarves, and other, more deadly, races. Their main threat, however, comes from the Death Queen, spawn of Balzot the Destroyer, and her six demonic children.

So don your chainmail, adventurer, and prepare to enter Gaiana, the Forgotten World.................

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