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Francisco (Paco) Gabrielle claims he became an Elf-Death in order to avenge his parents, who were killed by elven assassins. How true this is is unknown- but what is certain is that he hates all Elves, completely and passionately. He is fanatical, like all Elf-Death, but some say he is also mad. Gabrielle believes he hears voices from ‘God’, and that he has been put on this planet to rid it of Elvenkind. He has taken to calling himself ‘The Chosen,’ ‘The Cleanser,’ ‘The Destroyer of Sin,’ and other such grand titles. The Inquisitors are currently investigating him covertly, unsure of whether is claims are blasphemous, or merely deluded.

Despite his rumoured madness, Gabrielle is a clever and wily man, and should not be underestimated. He is also extremely loyal to his cause and, unlike other Elf-Death, is particularly pious.

Gabrielle is a tall and slender man, with a long black moustache, a small beard, and long hair. His eyes are intense, and appear to have seen and know it all. His good looks are slightly marred by the long scar on his forehead.