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The capital city, and the largest Mannish town in the Garans, Meenos is built a trop a vast cliff, overlooking both the Kerin sea, and the river Mil. Three vast and strong stone fortresses guard the natural harbour, and there are always ships docked here, whether part of the Garan Armada, or tradeships. Meenos has its own Dwarftown, a sector of the city populated solely by Dwarves. This is on the southern edge of the city, and is partially built into the cliffs.

The duke’s palace is built in the northern part of the city, though he is rarely at residence there.


This large town is home to the Krul’lia, a particularly ferocious tribe of Ursani. Large than most other Morrim, they have even learnt to build their own primitive ships. The Krul’lia have sworn allegiance to the duke of Garan, in return for being allowed full freedom on the island. The garrisons of the duke usually keep away from Krul and the smaller villages, though a strange friendship has developed between them, based on mutual respect, and the occasional ‘toy-skirmishes.’ Some of the Krul’lia have recently taken to piracy, though they never attack one of the duke’s own trade ships.


The second largest mannish city in the Garans, Manlo is mainly a trade town. It deals with trade from the southern Rhutalath coast, and its large docks are filled with trade ships. It has a large Commercial quarter, as well as a substantial Entertainment Quarter. The majority of the Siena Clubs in the Entertainment quarter double up as brothels for the sailors, and are well-renown.


Kazak-Garan is the capital of the Dwarven Kingdom, and is said by many to rival even Kazad-Ar. It is built into the two mountains of the Kin range, as well as several of the foothills. It even extends to both the eastern and western cliffs, where two vast docks are located. The city occupies, in total nearly one hundred levels, though a lot of these are sparsely populated


Khaz-Krink is mainly an industrial city, established primarily for ship-building. Three vast ship-yards are built here, and the majority of Dwarven Hulks saw their birth in its great stone docks. There is very little else here, apart from homes for the wrights, and foundries for the smelting of metal. Of course, a few meadhalls and shops have been built to service the workmen, and a few mines to excavate iron. But the city is one giant factory, and deals with very few visitors.


Karak-Minaz is a large Dwarven trade city, established to deal with trade from both Rhutalath and Atlantea. It is a thriving town and, unusual for a dwarven city, half of it is built over-ground, like a mannish city. As it is visited by many Mannish traders, it is important that the shops are accessible, rather than being hidden behind Dwarven Gates. Karak-Minaz has a large population of humans living in the Over-ground city.


Kizan-Din was the second town established by the Dinari. Whilst once a large city dedicated to trade with Keledrakus, the war has changed that. However, it still serves as a trading point for many travellers from the south, even as far as Miredor or Lemuria. However, it is not as thriving as Karak-Minaz, its northern counterpart.



Type: Fortress
Symbol: An anchor on a green field
Origin: Clifgard serves as the main barracks for the Garani army, and stands atop a large cliff. A small town has been built around it to service the troops, and a large port for transport ships.
Military: 400
Population: 300 (in city)
Ruler: Captain Jarl Luiz

Type: Lighthouse
Symbol: An anchor on a green field
Origin: A tall lighthouse, built to help ships navigate around the Isana peninsular. It also maintains a small group of soldiers.
Military: 20
Population: 0
Ruler: Lieutenant Girmez

Type: Fortress
Symbol: A black Raven on a red field- the symbol of the Inquisition.
Origin: Fort Gorl was originally a lighthouse, but has since been extended and converted into a castille to house Garan’s small Inquisitor population. A small dock built aside the fortress serves their only galley. The Stormcrows still man the lighthouse.
Military: 20 Inquisitors, 205 Storm Crows.
Population: 50 (includes cooks and servants).
Ruler: High Inquisitor Migar Del Anli.