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The Gerallini (I. Stonemasters) are the builders and carvers of the Ilman. It is the Gerallini who carve out the gigantic Grottoes of the Underrealm, to lay the foundations for new cities and temples. The Gerallini are elite craftsmen, taught from a very young age. Whilst the work is hard, and requires a lot of skill, anyone can apply for the position. Training is rigorous, and begins at age 14, in the Gerallini Academy, at Diana. They are taught by the Karalinni (Stonelords), who have usually been in the society for 30 years, and passed the Test of Lordship. Once graduated, usually after four years, the Gerallini are sent to one of the many guildhouses throughout the realm. Their usual jobs involve carving new houses out of the bedrock, as well as works of art, like giant Melina'gar (Statues of Melina), and swans. It is also their job to divert underground rivers to towns or fountains. When it is necessary to carve out entire grottoes, the Gerallini gather in their thousands, usually from every guildhall. Here, the master Gerallini (the Karallini), take charge, dividing the work between the teams, and directing constructions and excavations. These events are usually an excuse for a big celebration, including renewing aquaintances, and many parties take place. 


Axe/Mattock 3

Caving 3

Digging 3

Stonecraft 5

Gemcutting 3

Carving 4

Sculpting 3

Tactics (mass excavation) 1

Stone Lore 4

Gem Lore 3

Rapelling 2

Ropemastery 2

Climbing 2

Most Gerallini possess at least one Delver Spell-list, as well as Stone Ways.

Must Forsake 2 levels.