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                          The Griffon Knight of Singcroft


Symbol- A yellow griffon on a black field.
Skills- The Griffon  get the following skills (note: must forsake 50% DP):

Skill Ranks
Primary Weapon 2
Missile Weapon 3
1 Combat Skill 2
Chain Armour 5
Ride (Griffon) 8
TA Flying 5

The Knights of the Griffon are a unique branch of the Knights of the Lion. Once a lion has becomes experienced, he can choose to join the Griffons. The Griffons patrol the duchy from the air, looking for bandits and attackers. Their most important job is aerial assault units on the battle field. The Griffon number about 100 at the moment.

Any knight who shows empathy and skill with a Griffon is automatically accepted into the Order, though he must apply of his own accord. The knights are trained and stationed in the Griffon Towers, in Thara-Pata. Here, they are trained to fly, and control the tamed griffons. The griffons are born in captivity, and it is a knights job to choose his own, as soon as it hatches, and develop a bond with it. The Ironwing, Frelcar Goodwin, maintains a few un-bonded griffons, who are used for training prior to the knight's bonding. The Ironwing is a member of the Ironclaws, as well as the leader of the Griffons. He alone does not fight at the side of the king in battle.