Wise Old Grim

Grim Triani is the current Lord Logician of the Sage Council. Always deep in thought, Grim is known as being absent-minded and 'scatty.' He also wears a perpetual frown, as he struggles with some new theory or equation in his mind. He was nicknamed 'Grim' by his fellow Sages when he was just a Brother, and the name has stuck. No one knows what his real name used to be, nor does Grim reveal it.

A genius, Grim is generally considered the most intelligent man in the Realm. He is usually found sat in an isolated cave, talking to himself about his own theories, and trying to reason them out. As well as being ruler of the Sages, he is also the Sage Ambassador to the Coucil of Twelve. As such, he has much power in the Underrealm. Power does not interest him however and, although he performs his duties with dedication, when not working he likes to live a humble lifestyle.

Gruz the Mole

Gruz is a half-orc of great skill. Taught by the black-priests of Daenor for over half a century, Gruz's powers of sorcery are unequalled amongst the Ilman Dark Priests. Most important are his powers of disguise and manipulation. Gruz is currently working deep in the Underrealm, disguised as either the king's Mage-Seeker, or as a Bringer in the temples. In his first role, Gruz is able to learn all about the king's plans, as well as the locations of important Ilman sites. In his latter role, he is able to consummate with many of the Ilman women, thus being able to mainpulate them, and learn even more. Gruz is a firm believer that 'nothing flows faster than gossip from a woman.'

Sent by Kalimar to learn all he can about the Netherrealm, for a possible invasion, Gruz gathered a small group of powerful sorcerers. Most of the others have taken minor roles throughout the city, learning all they can. Gruz, ever ambitious, managed to take the form of a highly-respected Mage-Seeker, Tomlin, killing the original. He then gained a job in the King's employment. Gruz visits the Overrealm twice a year, disguised as a Skyranger. Once on the Surface, he reports to the nearest garrisson or fortress, then quickly returns to the Grottos.

King Goran III

King Goran is descended from the Royal family of Realla (the Second Dynasty). A wise and sage ruler, Goran is well-loved by the people. Unlike previous kings, Goran has a very strong view that the Ilman need to reopen contact with the outside world. He studied as a Mage-Seeker, before his rise to the throne, and this work has convinced him that the realm of Alqador was more than just myth. Longing to return to the Golden Age, Goran thinks this can only be achieved with the help of the other Skymen. Whilst mostly opposed by the rest of the Council, his ideas are quickly gaining support, and Goran is keen to send emissaries to the Elven folk who live in the Skyworld. Following his ideas, his son, Rean, has joined the Skyrangers, anxious to rediscover the Outlands, and to lead his people back to the formerly glorious cities. Goran's wife, Queen Melidra, supports her husband in public, though her concern for her son is evident.

Goran rules from the Capital Grotto of Liara, the first realm discovered by his royal ancestors.


Logri Dunstan

A former blacksmith, Logri is the Grand Artisan of the Gerallini. A wide and well-built man, it is joked that he could wrestle and pin a mountain. Kind and jovial, Logri is a well-respected member of society, not to mention an excellent artisan. Most of the newer statues at the lakes of Shara are his work, and is always being invited to sculpt new architecture. He is currently redesigning the King's palace.

Logri was recently appointed the Grand Artisan, which means he is in charge of the entire guild. Although strictly a ceremonial role, with very little required, Logri takes the position seriously. He makes it his task to visit every new Gerallini, and is reknown for his words of wisdom. A hearty man, when not at work he can be found down the local tavern, treating his workforce to a drink.