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Grimbold lives on the outskirts of Tauron, in a large manor in the Bright Hills, and has lived there for a thousand years. Once a member of the Tea Da'ni (the God-lords), Grimbold was a long-standing friend of Galen the great, as well as a founding member of the Anna Sila (the Light-Givers). Grimbold's legends are too numerous to detail here, but it is rumoured he was one of the people responsible for the first downfall of the Death Queen, as well as the construction of the Gates of Chaos, enchanted by the late Galen. In later days, Grimbold was the founder of the Grimbold College of Martial Prowess, which has branches in both Ardadain and Malidor. A warrior of great reknown and herculean strength, Grimbold is considered a myth by a great many people.

Grumpy but kind, Grimbold's house is a haven for all those travellers wishing to escape the Daenorrim. Orcs avoid his home with a wide radius, and all those who don't are quickly met be death. A great friend of all animals, Grimbold is also visited regularly by the local Elves, who come to listen to his tales of the Fourth Age, and the Age of Strife, especially the Feanna, to whom he teaches his techniques for combat.