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The Society of Grol, or 'Ghost-hunters of Stonegate' are more a cult than a society. They were formed in 955 by Emon Rala, the Inn-keeper of the Matador. Their job is to guard the nearby towns from the undead of the Bulltombs. Their base of operations is a secret cave beneath the Matador, entered by a secret door known only to members. Originally there were over a hundred Grol members. However, their society was disbanded in 1130 by the Inquisition, as the undead attacks ceased. The leader, Garl Rala, was killed by the Inquisition, to further convince them.

With the renewed attacks in 1285, the society reformed again. This time lead by Nark Rala, the society became even more secretive. Only fifty members were allowed to exist at anyone time, and none were allowed to share their secret, not even with their spouses. Eventually, this lead to the rule that all Society members must be single, or married to another society member.

The Society worship Grol, the Angel of Death, and he gives them powers to deal with the undead. The society meets every full moon in the cave beneath the storeroom of the Matador, and every new moon excursions are made to the tombs, to scout for trouble. Each meeting consists of a prayer to Grol, followed by general discussions or administration and undead sightings. If a member decides to leave (e.g. for marriage), they must swear to Grol to keep the Society secret. Failure to do so will result in the death of the member and his/her confident (usually in bizarre circumstances).

Due to the secretive nature of the society, the only way you can join is if you're invited, or if you are born into the society. Either way, you must pledge to Grol to keep the secret. The current leader of the Society is Bran Rala. Like all Rala's before him, his wife, Kelhi, and his son, Kray, are members. Bran holds the sacred horn of Grol, found on the first ever excursion to the tombs, and believed to be a gift from Grol.

Their symbol is a golden horn. All members wear black armour and black hooded cloaks. Each has an amulet of the horn around their necks.


Shortsword 2

Stalk/hide 3

Undead Lore 5

Region Lore: Bulltombs 5

Secret Language: Grol 7

Body Development 2

Society History 5

Astronomy 2

Omen Lore 2

Religion: Khanusan 4

Religion: Grol 4

MIA: Soft Leather 2

Climbing 2

Tracking 2

Spell List: Repulsions (Cleric) Lvl. 10
All members get a +5 magic weapon, as fashioned by the local Smith, Mareth Brik, a Society member.

Must Forsake 1 level.

Horn of Grol- Holy Regalia of the Society of Grol. when blown, all undead who can hear it must make a RR against 10th level, or crumble to dust. The horn can be used once a month. It also adds +50 to all fear tests.