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The Gruzan are the Orcish inhabitants of both Snake-spire and Death-Pass, and are the principal minions of both Lamia the Golden and Kasta Khan.


The Gruzan, like all Orcs, were bred thousands of years ago in the Pits of Balzot. The Gruzan were a race of Orcs living in Vancumar, until there brought to Daenor by Kasta. From there, they were sent south to capture the Dwarven forts, and thus secure the Rhutalathian border.


The Gruzan have no real power of their own; most serve as fodder and slaves for the higher Dark Powers. Lamia and Kasta rule the Orcs completely, and demand mindless loyalty. It is worth noting that Kasta considers the Orcs to be superior to the Nagrim, and treats them as such, whereas Lamia detests them, and prizes the Ursani as her favoured troops. Within Gruzan society, only the strong have any power. The leader of an Orc warband is the toughest and strongest Orc, not necessarily the most intelligent. Most Orcs willingly bow to anyone more powerful than them; Trolls, Ogres and many other vile spawn are frequently found in charge of a band. The Gruzan orcs are amongst the most stupid of all Orcish races, and they produce very little Black or Grey varieties.


The Gruzan have no social order as such; all orc males are warriors, and all females are used for whelping. Very few Orcs enjoy any other kind of profession, though a few manage to become smiths. The strongest Gruzan males have the most access to the whelping pits, and the weak usually die quite early on. Orcs were bred and live for combat, and have no interest in any other aspect of society. Rarely do Black or Grey Gruzan appear, and when they do they are always leaders. A group of about 300 Gruzan makes a warband, more than the cleverer Shaku, and they usually have fearsome but unimaginative names like 'Elf-killers' and 'Strong-Orcs' A particularly strong warlord can unite many warbands together.


Every male Gruzan is a warrior, and as such the entire culture is a standing army. Leaders of small bands are usually strong Gruzan, with High-Gruzan (Grey, Black and Vard) commanding the larger warbands. Gruzan are quick to yield command to more intelligent races, such as Men and Elves.


Most Orcs do not possess any money, and that which they own is usually stolen from victims, or weaker Gruzan. Gruzan steal what they need, be it money, food or weapons.


The Gruzan are the typical Orcs, with green skin and large jutting fangs. Unlike other Orcs, a few, especially female, grow hair, usually black or green in colour. This is slow growing, and most possess little more than a few turfts. Gruzen consider hair a sign of fertility, and females and males alike often sculp wigs from dead Mannish corpses.

The Gruzan usually rare dirty rags for clothing, and most wear poor-quality armour and helmets. Only the greatest leaders have armour and swords worth using.


The Gruzan live in the highest reaches of Kalam-Grim (Death-Pass), and the lowest tiers Kalam-Boraz (Snake-Spire). They live in the former homes of the Dwarves, though these have been tainted and resemble cesspits, filled with urine and rotting carcasses. The Gruzan are numerous, and it has been necessary to carve more warrens into the former Dwarven cities. These Warrens often extend miles underground, reaching the outer limits of Kalam-Kuzanokiz.

The Orcs share their fortresses with the Nagrim and Ursani, but are kept seperate. They detest the Nagrim, but at the same time fear them. Their opinion of the Ursani is similar to their opinion of all men; weak and disgusting.


Gruzan will eat whatever they can get their hands on; usually they settle for fungus or rats, and other small creatures; A Gruzan wouldn't think twice about eating a human, elf or even another Orc.


The Gruzan are taught to worship only a handful of deities. First and foremost is Kish'ana (O. He who brings Pain), which is the Orcish name for the Shadowmage. They also worship Van'cushi (the Death Queen) and Balzot. In addition, they have a few of their own gods, including Kurgh, god of war and Brezdek, god of fornication.




ST: +5

CO: +10

QU: 0

AG: 0

PR: 0

SD: -10

IN: -10

ME: -15

EM: -10

RE: -10

LU: -10

APP: -10



Body Dev 2

Weapon 1 2

Weapon2 2 Perception: Smell 1

Brawling 2

Ambush 2 Hunting 1

Religion: Gurbereth 1

Scrounge 2

MIA: Chain 2

Looting 1

Language: Orcish 7

Language: Common 3

Background Pts. 50

Special- All get 40% of original DP's to spend, in addition to the above