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OTHER NAMES: High Shaman of the Blood-Eyes, the Bone-Crunchers and the Black-Elvez. Former Shaman of the Rat-Skulls.

HOME: Was Sha’biz’kuli, then The Black Tower, now no home.

BORN: 18th Feb, 1448

AGE: 28


RACE: Half-Orc/Pandarati

PROFESSION: Necromancer

Strength 64
Quickness 90
Presence 100
Intuition 90
Empathy 92
Constitution 91
Agility 75
Self-Discipline 62
Memory 76
Reasoning 87
Appearance 38


Weapon : Kurtil (Long Dagger) 70
Weapon: Spear 70
Perception: Smell 74
Riding: Shujak 86
Channeling 105
Stalk/ Hide 64
Brawling 60
Animal Handling (Shujak) 92
Bribery 73
Begging 88
Demon Lore 90
Lie Perception 62
Symbol Lore 90
Intimidation 77
Circle Lore 62
Magical Ritual 80
Religion: Magporg (Balzot) 74

LANGUAGES: Gujab 6, Nalt-Gujab 7, Mos-Gujab 6, Parzifan 6, Ziflas (Black Speech) 6, Mi’sha (Magical) 7, Dinori 4

PP: 135 HITS: 164

AT: 2 DB: 25


Maes’ada- This +25 barbed spear does a secondary Tearing critical (-2 sev.). When held aloft it can summon a terrible storm, once per week. No wolf will harm the wielder. It is believed to have belonged to Kograth, the Orcish God of Storms and Wilderness.

Rash’ana- This amulet activates the portal of Krahl in the Black Tower. The wearer can alter his appearance to that of another race, once a day, for 5 minutes. It was taken from the Black Vaults.

BACKGROUND: When the Orc Warlord Gruzaka raped a high-ranking Pandarati woman, Gurlock was born. The woman, Liswaila, of house Margori, naturally discarded her son. She left him with the Lakelords in Dinor, where she was stationed, too compassionate to kill him outright. The Lakelords, at the time under the thrall of the Dark Tower, sent him northwards to the Orcish mines of Sha’biz’kuli.

A Half-Orc, Gurlock was not accepted by the other Orcs, having too much intelligence, and lacking their strength. The taunted him constantly, and mocked his lineage, and he was bullied and beaten every day. Yet Gurlock was determined to prove his worth, and joined the Wolf-Riders, and elite fighting force amongst the Orcs. The captain, Grizorka, laughed at Gurlock’s ambition, yet let him join- he figured it would be amusing and would probably lead to his death. Grizorka had a perverse sense of humour, and looked forward to seeing Gurlock humiliated. However, that wasn’t the case. Gurlock was given a black wolf named Gurzorrat (Black Death)- black wolves were considered unlucky, and were usually abandoned by their mothers. Yet Gurlock developed an affinity with the Wolf, more so than any of his peers, and the two became close friends, almost mentally-linked. Despite his lack of physical strength, Gurlock became one of the best wolf-riders.

Gurzorrat, angry that his joke had backfired, threatened to kill Gurlock. Yet he was saved by the tribal shaman, a black Orc named Burrzama. Burzzama perceived the power within Gurlock, and took as his apprentice. Gurlock excelled at his studies, and became a powerful necromancer.

When Burrzama died, Gurlock took over as shaman of the Rat-Skull tribe. His first act was to order the death of Grizorka, and all the others who had mocked him. Those loyal to Gurlock attacked those who had mocked him- and a large battle took place. Although victorious, the survivors of the battle were few, and the tribe was almost wiped out. Gurlock was pleased with his work, though a shaman with no tribe was no body. He headed west, to the Black Tower, to pledge himself to the Death Queen. There were no vacancies for a shaman at the Black Tower, so Gurlock made his own: he fought and defeated three of the most powerful Orcish wizards, and took over the tribes of the Blood-Eyes, the Bone-Crunchers and the Black-Elvez.

Now, Gurlock had a position of great power, and controlled most of the Orcish forces within the Dark Tower. The Death Queen abhorred Orcs and rarely suffered them, yet Gurlock, being half-human, was treated with a bit more respect. Eventually he was approached by Kilmarien, who desired a spy amongst the Orcs. In return he promised him great power.

When Kilmarien fled the Black Tower, Gurlock left with him- there was a new regime now, one which would not tolerate betrayal. Since Gurlock had allied himself with Kilmarien, he would likely have been executed. So, to save his own life, Gurlock left Vancumar.