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The Haeflar are descended from the Holbytta, a group of short stunted folk who occupy the region near to the Ered Norsa. One tribe, lead by Perrian Haefla, settled in what is now mid-Ardadain in the late third age. Originally fearful of the Morrim occupants, the Haeflar spent most of the time in hiding, where they gained the reputation as ‘goblins and spirits.’ With the arrival of the Parzifans, the Haeflar came out of hiding, and were granted a province by the king.


The Haeflar are lead by a theign, who holds the rank of duke according to Ardanian law. Below him are the gentry, who consist of all the landowners and estate-keepers. Then there are the commoners, who work the land. Each town is lead by a mayor, or sometimes a magistrate, who is elected by the common people.


The Haeflar live relatively easy lives, working short hours, and playing hard. Each individual knows his/her place, whether it be farmer of craftsman. Most of the Haeflar’s time is spent eating, or drinking, or smoking. It is common for the mayor or dominant landowner to throw giant parties whenever there is an excuse for a celebration. There were originally four tribes, all united under the leadership of Perrian; the Fahlar, the Hiran, the Stalwars and the Ferins, but the tribal barriers have all but broken down, except in some ‘traditional’ families.


The Haeflar are a peaceful people, and rarely go into combat. The closest they come to an army are the Theign’s Men, a group of young halflings trained by the Theign himself. This army numbers no more than 200 at the best of times. Each town as its own Reeves, who act as sheriffs and guards for the local populace.


The Haeflar have entirely adopted the currency of the Ardanian people. Throughout the March prices are less formal, and haggling is a common occurrence.


Most Haeflar average about 3 foot tall. Their skin is generally tan, and their build is rotund. Their feet and toes are hairy, and covered with thick curly fur.


Whilst most Haeflar live in burrows and holes like their ancestors, many have taken to building houses in a similar style to that of their Mannish peers. Whether building or hole, the houses are always comfortable, with a large dining room, several pantrys and at least one guest room.


Haeflar are fond of the same food as the Ardanian people; namely chicken, pork, beef, bread, milk, etc. Haeflar enjoy food a lot, and have at least six large meals a day. Eating is a social ritual for them. Beer is also a consumed in large amounts.


Though not strictly atheist, most Haeflar practice no religion. If a deity is needed, they generally worship Eleniel, or other Ardanian gods